Getting finance for a home is the largest financial commitment most Australians ever make, and it’s only natural that you have concerns, not just about the loan, but also the broker.  The team at I Know The Broker are highly trained and dedicated to helping find the right solution for you the first time. The below information is provided to help you better understand what to look for in a Mortgage Broker and what the team at I Know The Broker can offer YOU.

Why choose I Know The Broker for all your lending needs?

Choosing a finance broker can be a difficult process with a wrong choice and poor advice costing you many times over. There are some key questions to ask any finance broker.

1. How knowledgeable are you about lending?

I Know The Brokers Answer: Head Broker Renee Garsia has a wealth of experience behind her. Having bought, renovated and sold 5 properties before she was 30, Renee has a deep understanding of all the intricacies of lending. Armed with her “hands-on” knowledge, Renee has also gone above and beyond in educating herself to make sure she can offer you the best very best strategies to accomplish your property goals and aspirations.

With a passion for everything real estate and wanting to provide the best possible service to her clients Renee has gone above and beyond the certificate 4 that is required to practice and attained an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning a Diploma in Mortgages and Finance and her sales and agency licence in Real Estate. This allows you to rest easy that you’re getting the very best advice.

2. What qualifications do you have for providing advice?

I Know The Brokers Answer: Renee Garsia has the following qualifications and memberships:

  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Diploma in Finance and Mortgages
  • Real Estate Agency Licence
  • Real Estate Salesperson Licence
  • MFAA Membership

3. How do you make applying for a loan easier for your clients?

I Know The Brokers Answer: One of the biggest issues we find is that clients get frustrated with all of the paperwork they need to provide and time spent on the application.

From bank statements (sometimes multiple) to credit cards, current mortgage statement and personal loans, detailed budgets and finding a time when everyone can meet or go to an office or bank, it can be become far more stressful than necessary.

I Know The Broker uses every piece of technology available to cut down the time required by up to 90%.

  1. Docusign to sign all credit proposals and quotes
  2. Software to collect all required bank statements within minutes
  3. Software to create your budget based on your real data
  4. Option of Skype or Zoom to enable meetings to happen at a time that suits everyone from the comfort of your home or office – even on the beach if that where you’d rather be!

I Know The Broker uses a structured process, customised for each client, that addresses each of the clients requirements and objectives in a manner that drastically reduces the time the client needs to spend collecting paperwork.

4. What kind of results have you achieved?

I Know The Boker’s Answer: The following are just a brief summary of the results achieved with I Know The Broker:

“annual saving of $12,000 in interest”
“Debt Consolidation to avoid bankruptcy”
“Streamline of over 13 debts into one payment”
“Negotiated rate 1.3% less than advertised rate”
“Loan approved in under 24 hours saving clients losing deposit”

Or find out how I Know The Broker can help you with your lending requirements and achieve your goals by requesting a Home Loan Assessment now.