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How Often Can I Change My Home Loan?

Home loan products evolve, as do conditions and your own circumstances. We keep track of your borrowing and keep in touch regularly to assess your suitability for a new product or rate – we never want you paying more than you have to.

After your income improves, and you have demonstrated your ability to pay your existing mortgage, we may – at some point – contact your lender for improved conditions, and if they fail to provide an improvement, and the break-out of termination fee isn’t prohibitive, we may suggest a new product that better suits your lifestyle. Note that exit Fees are also known as break fees, discharge costs, deferred establishment fees, early repayment fees, termination fees, documentation costs or administration costs.

You’re a client for life; this means that we’ll always walk you through options as your circumstances evolve.

Download our complimentary First Home Buyer Guide. The 40-page of information will guide you on your buying journey.

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