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There is no end in lending until you reach your goal of being mortgage free! We at I Know The Broker are a small team with a singular goal. Support your finance path from buying, to re-jigging, to to finishing and any step in between.
A small team of three from a range of backgrounds. Renee has been in business for as long as she can remember and has studied in business, finance and real estate. With a love of numbers from her earliest days, a savvy saver and lover of a good deal, mortgage broking made perfect sense. As Renee grew her business, one thing became very clear, her organisation skills needed help! Step in Ivanka. Ivanka comes from property management and also has a side hustle in home organisation!!! Could you find a better match. It wasn't long before Ivanka whipped the behind the scenes into shape and was able to focus on customer care and client follow up like no other. Ivanka keeps the banks on their toes and makes sure that they keep their promises on time frames and settlements.
With all this organisation it become clear that we were ready for another member of our tight little team of two. So along came Elliott. Elliott comes from a Civil Engineering and tiling background. So get ready for spreadsheets and lot's of them! Work with Elliott and you will see your budget and essentially your entire life displayed in the prettiest of spreadsheets lol!! This means we can now offer advice on how to build your deck, which tiles to choose how to organise your kitchen, and your best mortgage option :)!! Jokes aside, we are a small but super efficient team. Our aim is to provide you with the best advice, the best service and all the support you need throughout the entire life of your loan to ensure you meet your property goals, whatever they may be.

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